NIHBA Herds competition and BBQ

Last week saw Robert Clarke, Herd manager at the Shadwell Stud visit Hereford herds across Northern Ireland to pick his 2018 winners, renown for his breeding of Hereford and Angus in the U.K Robert had the hard task of judging herds with up to seventy head of pedigree cattle before the prize giving at the Association’s annual BBQ.

William McMordie, overall runner-up in the Hereford herds competition, and John Conlon, overall winner, with Edward Boyd and Kenny Linton from Dunbea. Picture: Cliff Donaldson

Large herd winner, who went onto take the overall Herd went to John Conlon’s Drumatee Herd. Robert was very impressed with the quality of animals on display, all of a type, the stock Bull Cill Cormack Nevada was certainly doing a great job with a strong batch of calves taking this Herd to the next level, so much so Robert awarded him Best stock Bull on the evening. Overall reserve and 2nd in the large herd’s went to John and William McMordie’s Solpoll Herd, no stranger to winning this Herd didn’t disappoint when it came to quality.

Robin Irvine, runner-up in the Hereford medium herds competition, Trevor Andrews, winner, and John Gill, third place, with Edward Boyd and Kenny Linton from Dunbea. Picture: Cliff Donaldson

Medium Herd winner went to Trevor Andrews from Larne which was viewable on the evening, again a Herd that showed style and uniformity through all ages of cattle.

Gerry Small, runner-up in the Hereford small herds competition, Ivan Haire, winner, and Ciaran Kerr, third place, with Edward Boyd and Kenny Linton from Dunbea. Picture: Cliff Donaldson

Ivan Haire and families Dorepoll Herd took the win on the small Herd section, Ivan in recent years has reduced his Herd but certainly not quality, judge Robert was particularly taken by his spring born Heifer Dorepoll 1 Duchess 663 who won the best spring born Heifer title.

William McMordie, runner-up in the Hereford large herds competition, John Conlon, winner, and Des Kelly, third place, with Edward Boyd and Kenny Linton from Dunbea. Picture: Cliff Donaldson

Other individual wins went to Gerry and Ethan Small who won the best autumn Heifer class with Drumshambo 1 Sparkles 012, the relatively new Herd is one to watch out for after a great year showing they also picked up second place in the Small Herd section.
John and William McMordie dominated the Bull calf classes with wins in the Autumn and Spring section with Solpoll 1 Rolls Royce and Solpoll 1 Real thing respectively.

Young people who took part in the Hereford Young Handlers course. Picture: Cliff Donaldson

The Association thanked Robert on Friday evening at the BBQ and prize giving evening of the arduous task which was held at the Association’s president Trevor Andrews in Larne. Over 180 people attended on the night and where treated to a Herd walk round the cattle before a BBQ with Hereford steak kindly provided by Dunbia.

Host farmers for the Hereford barbecue Trevor and Sheevaun Andrews, from Raloo, with their family. Picture: Cliff Donaldson

A raffle and an auction with anything from concrete drinkers to A.I straws was up for grabs and the Association are very pleased to announce that a total of £5200 was raised on the night and was presented to the McMillan charity who have a special place in the Andrew’s families hearts.

Enjoying the Hereford barbecue, held at Trevor Andrews farm near Raloo, Larne. Picture: Cliff Donaldson

Also in attendance was the National Hereford Youth team which was made up from members from across the U.K. The team arrived on Friday and visited herds belonging to John McMordie and Des Kelly before a trip to Tullamore show in which they competed in young handler classes. Preparation, clipping and showmanship demonstrations where provided to the team by Steven and Barney O’Kane from the Keadyview Herd on Friday which payed off as they scooped the top three places in all Young Handler classes at Tullamore.

A big thank you to all involved especially the Andrews family for hosting such an evening, the judge Robert Clarke, all donations and sponsors of prizes, Dunbia for the meat and all who attended to make the evening a runaway success.


Prize-winners in the Hereford Young Handlers competition. Picture: Cliff Donaldson

Herd competition results

Small Herd
1st JE RI & W Haire DOREPOLL HERD. 2nd J & G Small DRUMSHAMBO HERD. 3rd Ciaran Kerr KINEGO HERD

Medium Herd
1st T & S Andrews MOUNTVIEW HERD. 2nd R & J Irvine GRACELAND HERD. 3rd A J Farms LUSKY HERD

Large Herd
1st John Conlon DRUMATEE HERD. 2nd J & W McMordie SOLPOLL HERD. 3rd Des Kelly MULLIN HERD

Best Autumn Bull Calf
1st Solpoll 1 Rolls Royce 2nd Lisrace Liberty 17th 3rd Graceland 1 Rowdy

Best Autumn Born Heifer Calf
1st Drumshambo 1 Sparkles 012 2nd Kinnego 1 Rainbow 3rd Mountview 1 Gelato

Best Spring Born Bull Calf
1st Solpoll 1 Real Thing 2nd Mountview 1 Homer 3rd Lisrace Lumberjack 22nd

Best Spring Born Heifer Calf
1st Dorepoll 1 Duchess 663 2nd Solpoll 1 Starlet R17 3rd Drunatee Cara 442

Best Stock Bull
1st Cill Cormack Nevada . John Conlon
2nd Dorepoll 1 Legacy. T & S Andrews
3rd Mullaghdoopoll 1 Elite. Ciaran Kerr

Winner of the Best Overall Herd
Drumatee Herd. John Conlon

Runner up
Solpoll Herd J & W McMordie

David Wilson, Fermanagh, Hereford Association committee member, John Gill, Killinchy, Hereford Association chairman, Trevor Andrews, Raloo, Hereford Association president, and John McMordie, Ballygowan, Hereford Association committee member. Picture: Cliff Donaldson

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