National Herd’s Competition 2014

Solpoll Herefords win the National Herd of the Year for 2014.

This is the first time the award has come to Northern Ireland for this UK wide competition.

Judge John Giffin commented that the Solpoll Herd has all the attritubes of the Hereford Breed, a commercial herd based on profitability.

In fact it was a great night for Northern Ireland breeding at the Hereford Cattle Society’s annual dinner. Solpoll 1 Gilbert bred by John & William McMordie claimed the UK Sire of the Year Award and was the sire of  Dendor 1 Molly 41st who was named the UK Female of the Year. The UK Bull of the Year Frenchstone 1 Dood was sired by Dorepoll 1 High Society bred by JE RI & W Haire from Dundrod, Co Antrim.

Author: Editor Hereford

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