Hereford Tops Taste Test

Hereford steaks are consistently top of the league in the taste test competitions.

Following on the success of the Hereford entry in the Good Housekeeping magazine’s best steak for Valentine’s Day survey the latest Which food guide again put the Hereford products ahead of all the premium brands offered through the major retailers.

Both overall winner and runner up awards were the product of dedicated Hereford supply chains traceable to registered pedigree sires and meeting the highest production standards.

Recommended as the best buy by the judging panel was the Waitrose 30 day dry aged Hereford sirloin. “While this was one of the more expensive offerings it was worth every penny – it was the best looking steak on the shelf and the eating experience lived up to the promise. It was thick and easy to cook with a good covering of fat which gives the steak a rich well-balanced flavour.”

Coming a very close second was the Co op’s 28 day aged Irresistible Hereford steak supplied through Dunbia. The judges found the “irresistible” claim to be well earned with an excellent appearance in the pack, a wonderful aroma when cooking with great colour and deliciously caramelised fat. 

“The taste was robust and juicy, fully living up to its fantastic appearance and representing great value for money”.

The Hereford is currently the “brand in demand” as consumers recognise the quality and consistency which has become the breeds trademark according to a local Hereford breeders spokesman. 

“The reputation of the brand is reflected in demand for the product and in the price consumers are prepared to pay. This is a profit opportunity for local farmersandNorthern Irelands beef producers are currently earning around £1 million per annum inthe additionalpremiums paid for Hereford sired cattle”